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We work very hard to provide our customers with the cleanest, low mileage, rust free, used  work trucks available anywhere.  We invest a lot in all of our vehicles, in both time and money, to bring you a vehicle that will perform for your company from day one, without having to deal with issues that other dealers would leave for you to deal with.  We realize that when you are in business, time is very literally the same as money, and you don't have time to spend shopping around for the right vehicle.  We make our trucks ready to go to work the same day that we deliver it, without the hassles of shopping around, or spending hours/days away from your business.  You also don't have time to send two people in another vehicle out to bring your purchase back home.  We take many quality photos of each vehicle for our website, and we don't hide anything.  Quite frankly, our trucks have nothing to hide.  You can be confident that the truck that we deliver will be the same one that you saw on our website.  It will have been fully serviced, have new or very good tires, mechanically inspected to a much higher standard than Pennsylvania requires, fully cleaned and detailed and it will run and perform as it should.  We guarantee it.

Even though we’re located in PA, we serve customers throughout the country and the world. A large majority of our buyers are from out of state – so we work hard every day to build a reputation as the most trusted dealer in the country. If you’re looking for a great vehicle at a price that you can afford, contact us today!

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Jakobsen Motor Corp.
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